Friday, February 22, 2013

FESTA pop cake.

Hi everyone, I am working on my new blog, but I can't stop thinking about blogging. It has been many many months since I was here.

I continue working on my everyday projects and today I am sharing the last one. FESTA cake pops get fancy!

Thank you to friends and family that support FESTA and for trusting me with your lifetime events.

Cake pop tower for Mia who is turning 9 today. Happy birthday Mia!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Joseph's Rock Star 6th Birthday Party

I can't not believe how time flies! Exactly a year ago, we celebrated Joseph's 6th birthday with one of the greatest party ever. To start this year celebration, I will share some details and pictures.

I have to say that it was easy to choose the theme. Joseph is obsessed with Rock and Roll. He is a big fan of Beatles, The Door, AC/DC and I found a perfect venue for his Rock Star theme party: Bach to Rock.

This is the Evite cover that inspired me for the decoration and colors to style the event.

Rock Star posters and red benches worked just perfect for the main table.

We welcome the little guest with some sun glasses, necklaces, tattoo sleeves, earrings, rings, bandanas to dress to impress like Rock Stars.

The Dessert Table

The dessert table was filled with cookies, red velvet cupcakes, jello cups and candy. I labeled the desserts with Rock bands names like AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Led Zepellin . I also created a banner using blank cds.

One of my favorite details, the guitar cookies.

Parents' snacks

I had a great experience working with Bach to Rock staff. The kids were able to work with real instruments, a sound engineer and a vocal instructor. The real thing!

Here working with the vocal instructor on learning "The Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. Song chosen by Joseph.

My Rock Star in the recording studio.
Joseph with B2R's recording engineer.

Every kid took home a B2R fun goody bag filled with treats and the cd they recorded. Lovely souvenir!

We had a black and white pattern photo booth. We took great pictures that were sent with theThank you notes.

Here Joseph and Marianna posing.

***DAD missed the special day due to his deployment to Iraq!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Real Festa. Marianna's 5th Hello Kitty Birthday Party

We celebrated Marianna's 5th birthday with a fun party at Bounce U. Marianna had a blast! All her friends, mommy, daddy and brother Joseph were there. Kids jumped and bounced around colorful bounce stadiums and structures. We also had the 'cosmic bounce'. We made the room dark with special effects lighting and we added extra fun by giving some glow-in-the dark accessories (bracelets and necklaces). Pizza, cake and treats.

The party room had dark colors, yet I brighten it up by using lots of green, yellow, light pink, fuchsia and red. I combined plates, utensils, napkins and table runner in different colors and patterns. Little Hello Kitties, stickers, coloring pages, crayons, candy and lollipops. Fun fun and more fun stuff.

SNACK. Carrots with ranch with a EAT ME tag.

DESSERT TABLE. Because the short time they give at Bounce U. I had to arrange a very small table for the cake and cupcakes.

I thank my good friend, Eunice Velazco, for the beautiful cake she created especially for Marianna.

Besides, I baked and decorated simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with different color frosting to match the cake.

GOODIES. Little colorful plastic baskets with Hello Kitty goodies: bracelets, necklaces, stickers, cups with biscuit and cream ....finished with a little bow and a TAKE ME HOME tag.

This is me and the birthday girl!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Teddy Bear {cupcakes}

What a big day for Joseph. He graduated from kindergarden. To celebrate they had a fun and adorable event: "Teddy Bear Picnic". I really enjoyed making a special cupcakes for the occasion.
Congratulations K-20 class. Have a great summer!

Some of the material


On the make... waiting for some eyes.

Teddy bear head made of a cake ball on a pretzel.

Teddy bear waiting...

Bunch of them ready to be transported.

Some of them made it to a birthday party!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Real Festa: Farewell School Party

It has been long time since my last post. I have many parties to share and I will start with a special one.

Last school year, when my husband was deployed, we received so much love and care from the Holy Redeemer Community where my two children go to school. I wanted to say thank you to all the moms and teachers for the support and help and I found a good opportunity.

I was invited to style a Farewell reception for Mrs. Beverly Langston, Founder and Director and Mrs. Pat Messalle, Teacher. Both spent almost 4 decades in Holy Redeemer Nursery School.

I worked with a great team of moms to put the event together. We wanted the traditional school theme. I chose light pink, sage, beige and red colors. We had lunch boxes, real apples, pencil pretzels, apple cake balls, black board cookies and more.

Former students, moms, dads and children stopped to say thank you. It was an event full of love!

Take a look to the details..

Main table

To give a school touch I set around the room decorated objects like books, glasses and fabric flowers and ribbons.

Plates, napkins and utensils

Kids enjoying the treats.

Apple Wishing Tree.

Here my little ones leaving their messages.