Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oreo Cookies

Summer days in DC had been over 100F. As you can imagine, I have been away from the oven. But the kids love to have projects in the kitchen. I went and got some Oreo cookies and decorated them with three different icing. I am actually thinking of decorating some for the sweet tables I create. It would be fun to follow the colors of the party and even the design.
Here my first try...

Star Wars Festa

Thank you Bridget for sharing pictures of Jack's 5th birthday party. I was happy to see my cupcake toppers in your beautiful cupcakes. They look so yummy!

Cupcakes topper by Festa.

Birthday boy

Having great time. Love the version of the robes.

Jedi Training.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Jack

I have been getting emails about my Star Wars Party Festa and I am happy to be able to share details and tips.

Brigdet was one of the moms asking me for cupcake toppers. Her son Jack celebrated his 5th birthday party two days ago and I would like to send him a message.

Dear Jack, I hope you had a wonderful 5th birthday party.
I heard you had a Star Wars Party, how was it?
I would love to see some pictures.
Happy Birthday big boy.
I send you a hug.
with love, Claudia

Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Festa. Pink and Brown Bird Baby Shower

I am back with the pictures from the Pink and Brown Bird Baby Shower. It was a fun event. Two friends organized the baby shower as a 'surprised' and one of them is my good friend, Agata. It was great working for her. She trusted me with all the suggestions and ideas. Thank you Agata for trusting me with this special FESTA.

The plan worked perfectly, the guests arrived on time and waited for the mom to arrive. She was in shock when she entered her house and saw her closed friends and all the beautiful details we had for her.

Let me share some of the pictures...

I created a Well Wish Tree where the guests left a message for the mom and baby.

I also used the tree to hang these adorable birds that were given as corsages for the guests.

This special one was for the mom

As I mentioned in my last post, the dessert table was inspired by the colors of the baby nursery to make it more special for the mom. It included a raspberry mousse cake, dark chocolate wafers, raspberry and chocolate macaroons, mini chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake balls, chocolate almonds and hazelnut cones.

The banner was made of paper in different patterns.

The cutlery and napkins were tied together with brown ribbon to give a matching look. I was lucky to find these beautiful cherry blossom napkins from Design Design, Inc.

Dana (friend of the mom-to-be) prepared a wonderful table of food for the event: Strawberry yogurt soup, Onion Pizza, Steak Salad, Corn and Avocado Relish, Sun dried tomatoes hummus, Tortellini Salad and more.

I just gave the food a little touch with these tags similar to the desserts ones.

I display the Thank You favors on top of a cake stand by the dessert table.

They were brown paper triangles filled with Ferrero Rondnoir dark chocolates.


Basket for the books.


And finally, little prizes for the winners with a tiny bird card.

I enjoyed so much putting this baby shower together. I have to thank Ana Lya for the support and help. The panel you brought worked perfect! *** Marianna & Joseph, thank you for helping me with the shopping and being great kids while mommy was working*** Fouad... without you I just can't do this fun work. Thank you!!!

Pink and Brown Bird Baby Shower

If you haven't heard from me is because after my vacation trip, I was working on a lovely FESTA. A good friend of mine living in Uruguay asked me to help her preparing a Surprise Baby Shower for one of her friends in DC.

We got inspired by the colors of the baby's nursery and we agree on pink, brown and light yellow colors for the party palette and a bird and a tree as part of the logo of the event.

These was the initial image we created to use in the e-vite.

Inspirational pictures

My inspirational materials...ribbons, sprinkles, fabrics.

I have to go to now, but I will be back soon with the pictures!

***Special thanks to Irene for once again helping me with the graphics & art part.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Tip Junkie

I would like to thank Laurie from Tip Junkie for the post sharing one of my Star Wars Festa pictures. It feels great seeing some of my creations in a blog that promotes creative women through their ideas and products.

Vintage party

I am back from my vacation in California. We had great time and a beautiful FESTA, too. We celebrated Kristy's (my sister in law) graduation from high school and her 18th birthday with a vintage party. It was a small gathering with the family and lots and lots of good food. I captured a few details with my camera and here they are...

For the tables we used real vintage table clothes.

Banner I made using vintage handkerchiefs.

It was lovely to decorate the food table with fresh flowers from the garden.

We used a great antique set of china.

My daughter, Marianna, getting food.
A plate of delicious Lebanese food.

For favors I filled little baskets and boxes with old fashion mints and taffies and I decorated them with colorful ribbons and paper flowers. The fans worked perfect for the warm day.

I decorated food plates and cake stands to match the favors. I have to say that this cheese cake was unforgettable, it was so good!!! It is from Dolce Isola, the bakery from the famous restaurant Ivy in L.A.

MMmmm...still thinking of the Black Forest cake.