Monday, July 19, 2010

Real Festa. Pink and Brown Bird Baby Shower

I am back with the pictures from the Pink and Brown Bird Baby Shower. It was a fun event. Two friends organized the baby shower as a 'surprised' and one of them is my good friend, Agata. It was great working for her. She trusted me with all the suggestions and ideas. Thank you Agata for trusting me with this special FESTA.

The plan worked perfectly, the guests arrived on time and waited for the mom to arrive. She was in shock when she entered her house and saw her closed friends and all the beautiful details we had for her.

Let me share some of the pictures...

I created a Well Wish Tree where the guests left a message for the mom and baby.

I also used the tree to hang these adorable birds that were given as corsages for the guests.

This special one was for the mom

As I mentioned in my last post, the dessert table was inspired by the colors of the baby nursery to make it more special for the mom. It included a raspberry mousse cake, dark chocolate wafers, raspberry and chocolate macaroons, mini chocolate cupcakes, chocolate cake balls, chocolate almonds and hazelnut cones.

The banner was made of paper in different patterns.

The cutlery and napkins were tied together with brown ribbon to give a matching look. I was lucky to find these beautiful cherry blossom napkins from Design Design, Inc.

Dana (friend of the mom-to-be) prepared a wonderful table of food for the event: Strawberry yogurt soup, Onion Pizza, Steak Salad, Corn and Avocado Relish, Sun dried tomatoes hummus, Tortellini Salad and more.

I just gave the food a little touch with these tags similar to the desserts ones.

I display the Thank You favors on top of a cake stand by the dessert table.

They were brown paper triangles filled with Ferrero Rondnoir dark chocolates.


Basket for the books.


And finally, little prizes for the winners with a tiny bird card.

I enjoyed so much putting this baby shower together. I have to thank Ana Lya for the support and help. The panel you brought worked perfect! *** Marianna & Joseph, thank you for helping me with the shopping and being great kids while mommy was working*** Fouad... without you I just can't do this fun work. Thank you!!!


  1. Hola prima; todo lo que haces está hermoso; es todo un talento, ese que tienes. Oye, te doy un tip para una próxima party jajaja; En Zamora, Michoacán vi que venden "SalchiTacos"; son trozos de salchicha envuelta en tortilla jajajaja; no los probé pero supongo que no saben mal con salsita de pizza. Y también los gaspachos que son vasos con fruta mega picadita (jícama, piña) con jugo de naranja, queso (síii, como lo lees) y salsita. Otra cosa que comen por allá es la rebanada de jícama con cebollita mega picadita encima, sal, limón y chile...¿Cómo ves, esos antojitos? Muchos besos! Itzel.

  2. Gracias...por tus tips. Me encantaria probar todos esos antojitos. Que rico. Porque no te inventas un viajecito para aca y comemos de todo y de paso me ensenas tus recetas. La pasariamos super! Un besote prima.