Monday, April 9, 2012

Joseph's Rock Star 6th Birthday Party

I can't not believe how time flies! Exactly a year ago, we celebrated Joseph's 6th birthday with one of the greatest party ever. To start this year celebration, I will share some details and pictures.

I have to say that it was easy to choose the theme. Joseph is obsessed with Rock and Roll. He is a big fan of Beatles, The Door, AC/DC and I found a perfect venue for his Rock Star theme party: Bach to Rock.

This is the Evite cover that inspired me for the decoration and colors to style the event.

Rock Star posters and red benches worked just perfect for the main table.

We welcome the little guest with some sun glasses, necklaces, tattoo sleeves, earrings, rings, bandanas to dress to impress like Rock Stars.

The Dessert Table

The dessert table was filled with cookies, red velvet cupcakes, jello cups and candy. I labeled the desserts with Rock bands names like AC/DC, Rolling Stones and Led Zepellin . I also created a banner using blank cds.

One of my favorite details, the guitar cookies.

Parents' snacks

I had a great experience working with Bach to Rock staff. The kids were able to work with real instruments, a sound engineer and a vocal instructor. The real thing!

Here working with the vocal instructor on learning "The Yellow Submarine" by the Beatles. Song chosen by Joseph.

My Rock Star in the recording studio.
Joseph with B2R's recording engineer.

Every kid took home a B2R fun goody bag filled with treats and the cd they recorded. Lovely souvenir!

We had a black and white pattern photo booth. We took great pictures that were sent with theThank you notes.

Here Joseph and Marianna posing.

***DAD missed the special day due to his deployment to Iraq!