Thursday, June 24, 2010

~Inspirational Thursday~ India Party

It is Inspirational Thursday and I am vacationing in California, but I couldn't miss the opportunity to share another amazing party. This is an India Party designed by SALAMANDRA FESTAS. It is a beautiful combination of art, colors & elements. To see more of this wonderful event visit their Site at I hope you like it as much as I do.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vamos Mexico!

These are the cupcakes I made to support the Mexican Team in the World Cup. I said "I was going to enjoy them while watching Mexico Win" and I did. Vamos Mexico!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

~Inspirational Thursday~ Garden Festa by Toast

I introduce my new section: INSPIRATIONAL THURSDAY. Every week, I will dedicate my post to great parties and talented people that love parties as much as I do.

My very first Festa was found last year during my summer vacation in California. I was walking in downtown Santa Barbara and I grabbed a local magazine where I found an amazing article about a Garden Party designed by TOAST. I was impressed by the concept of creating unforgettable parties for kids as I always wanted. That article inspired me to start my own project: FESTA.

This party combined perfectly bright colors, giant butterflies and flowers. Love, love the skirts and aren't those cupcakes adorable? If you read about Marianna's Tea Garden Party You can find I got many ideas from this Festa.
Congratulations to Kim and Ashley from TOAST, all your parties are outstanding.


Table decor
Treats and setting. The real party
* photos via Toast and Jose Villa.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Ice Cream Parlour

I created an Ice Cream Parlour theme for a mini dessert table which was presented during my daughter's end of the year party. I tried to use things I had at home: two ice cream flavors (vanilla and strawberry), toppings (m&m's, sprinkles and gummy bears), whipped cream and chocolate syrup. I used scrapbook paper to decorate the whipped cream bottles and to label the containers.

I knew the kids would enjoy creating their own dessert. It was fun for all of us and it was a great treat for a lovely warm day.

Thank you Jean for the brownies. They were delicious and were excellent additions for a perfect brownie-sundae.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rocky Road Brownies

If you are looking for a yummy brownie recipe and you happen to be chocolate lovers like our family, this recipe is for you. It is bit messy, but de-li-cious!
You can find the complete recipe in Martha Stewart Site.

This is my husband favorite brownie recipe and to welcome him after a two week trip. I baked it today again!


Melting the butter and chocolate

The toppings

Few tips: After you sprinkle the toppings, don't bake it for 5 more minutes as the recipe says. I usually turn off the oven and leave it for couple minutes just to warm the marshmallows and promptly I take it out. If the chocolate chips and marshmallows melt completely it will get very messy. Be sure it is cool before you cut, I usually don't follow this step because I can't resist the wait. I love it warm.

This is a warm piece melting, very rich, very tasty, very delicious.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Real Festa. Star Wars

I am posting some pictures from this past weekend FESTA: Sean's Star Wars birthday party. I was told the kids had so much fun, loved the treats and enjoyed an amazing slide ( I never saw something that big, how fun!!! I wish I had the change to try it, but some details.

This was the birthday banner made from felt and gold string.

Matching banner for the cupcakes stand.

The cupcakes were vanilla on vanilla.

I personalized them with the birthday boy's name, the age , Stars Wars logo and a fun character ring.

The cookies I mentioned before in cellophane bags with matching color ribbons.

I presented them in these white containers.

For goodie bags, we arranged black bags with a sticker that read "Thank you for coming to my 7th birthday bash". The lucky guests received a Star Wars t-shirt, some candies and...

a light saber!

***Special thanks to Sean's mom. Love working with her!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Star Wars cookies

I had a request for some Star Wars treats for a birthday party. I remember I read in bakerella's blog about the Star Wars cookie cutters from William Sonoma. I run to the store and grabbed them. That's how my new baking adventure started. It was fun!

I decided to follow the cookie recipe from the box...

The dough But, I was not very happy with the result. The cookies were puffy and soft.

I tried a different recipe. You can find a good one in Glorious Treats. I got a new batch of good, flat, crispy sugar cookies, exactly what I was looking for.

And they are...Star Wars cookies!

From the four characters, my favorite...Darth Vader.

If you have some questions, let me know. I will be more that happy to share my baking and decorating experience.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cake decorating

I have been dipped in sugar! Working in different type of icing flowers for my cake decorating class. For the grand finale, we had to work on a basket cake full of flowers that reminds me of my "Quince Anos" party. The smell and the taste took me back to my childhood where I used to steal icing flowers from wedding cakes. I am not into this style any more, but I have to admit the basic techniques I have learned are helping me a lot. I am also improving in my kitchen control ...I am making less mess every time.
Here my journey to the last class of course 2.

My tips and colors. How did I make my treats without them in the past?

Icing flowers

Ready for some design
Working on the basket

Preparing for some borders

The result