Saturday, June 5, 2010

Star Wars cookies

I had a request for some Star Wars treats for a birthday party. I remember I read in bakerella's blog about the Star Wars cookie cutters from William Sonoma. I run to the store and grabbed them. That's how my new baking adventure started. It was fun!

I decided to follow the cookie recipe from the box...

The dough But, I was not very happy with the result. The cookies were puffy and soft.

I tried a different recipe. You can find a good one in Glorious Treats. I got a new batch of good, flat, crispy sugar cookies, exactly what I was looking for.

And they are...Star Wars cookies!

From the four characters, my favorite...Darth Vader.

If you have some questions, let me know. I will be more that happy to share my baking and decorating experience.


  1. HI! i'm making these for my sons bday, and have the WS cutters...I'm going to take your suggestion on the recipe for the cookies! thank you...can you tell me what you used for the royal icing? i bought the box of mix at WS to decorate...though i'm SCARED! :) ha ha you have any tips?

  2. Waouh ! Where can you get those cutters ? I mean...out of the US...pleaaaaaaaaaase ! For a French little padawan...