Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cherry Blossoms Inspirational Party Board

Every year we join the National Cherry Blossom Festival and I am hoping this coming weekend we get to see those amazing cherry trees around the Tidal Basin in DC. We actually have some at home, I will share some pictures when our trees bloom.

I was just day dreaming with a Cherry Blossom theme Festa! I would love to celebrate with some friends just the Cherry Blossom Season, Pale pink and white colors, pretty Cherry Blossoms center pieces, appetizers and champagne...it sounds so fun! It can be a great theme for a baby shower or birthday party. Looking for some inspirational ideas I found many many of them...actually Martha Stewart have a section called "wedding ideas that use cherry blossoms"... Here are some of my finds
*1. A Scene with Cherry Blossoms 2. Flower Girl Wands 3. Cherry Blossom Cakes 4. Escort Card Display (pictures via Martha Stewart)

Look at these pretty cupcakes inspired by cherry blossoms (via hello naomi)

Cherry Blossom inspired drinks like Rose Champage with cherry brandy, Rhubarb shochu martini or Arnold Palmer with cherry blossom tea or what a about some rose's mojito (photo via Rachel Ray)

New Festa. Joseph's 5th Birthday.

My son, Joseph, will be 5 in 10 days! I know I am little behind...but, because the Easter vacation and my parents visit I am postponing his celebration one more week. So, 3 weeks, we are just in time for sending invitations. I just need to get inspired. He is asking for Bakugan party! I think I need some of those popular inspirational boards. Well, I need to go and start working...I will be back with some ideas pretty soon.

*photo via toyscentral.net

Monday, March 29, 2010

Camila and Simona's Royal Celebration

I apologize for being away for so long. I got busy working on the Royal Celebration we had this past Saturday. Camila & Simona had their birthday party and I have great pictures to share!

To follow the original plan for this festa (my old post). I combined white table clothes and different yellows on the cups, plates, napkins and straws for the table decor. I used gold chocolate coins, yellow star lollipops and princess paper wands, I actually made, for center pieces. The boys chairs had knight capes in red and silver and the girls had yellow foamy crowns.
We had a table with crafts where they got to decorate those crowns and color some princess printouts.

I designed this dessert table for the special day which included chocolate cupcake pops, cake balls, marshmallows, golden oreo cookies and candies following in yellow and white colors.

The cupcakes had a little twist of color, a "forbidden rose". Instead of a banner, I used gold paper letters for the girls' names on the cupcake stand.

I thought it would be attractive for the girls to have a "Belle" Barbie on the table. But, of course, one of the birthday girls, Simona, couldn't resist not playing with princess Belle. So, we only got Belle in a few shots.

I arranged two special cupcakes for the birthday girls.

It read "treats especially for you, Camila and Simona" in the paper bags the guest filled with their favorite sweets.

Royal Apple Juice was given for the thirsty little Princesses and Knights.

We offered healthy snacks as veggies with ranch.

For lunch, we set a Hot Dog Bar with a variety of toppings.

The kids had so much fun, they had lots of candies and treats from the pinata, the Beauty and the Beast show from the Puppet Co. was very entertaining, all the kids left with inflatable sword...amazing party!

*I would like to thank Marina and Patricio for trusting FESTA! Love working with people like them that love entertaining as much as I do.

*All photography by good friend of mine, Andrea Melo.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Simple but beautiful lollipop bouquet

I little something can mean a lot! My son, Joseph, and I created a little bouquet of lollipops for his preschool teacher's birthday. He enjoyed making it and she loved it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Eye Candy Events

Proudly, I share these two tables from Eye Candy from Monterrey, Mexico. The designer's name is Claudia and as you can tell we share more than just the love for parties! I saw the colorful pictures of the m&m's theme buffet table in many event blogs and few days ago I found that 'she did it again' ...she put together a wonderful pink and brown baby shower table.
Here some pictures of her fantastic work.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Festa. Beauty and the Beast theme party

Here I am working on a beauty-ful...yes..."Beauty and the Beast" birthday party for the daughters of a good friend of mine. It will be a fun party in a Theater and Park venue where the guests will watch a Beauty and the Beast puppet show. Isn't fun? For this event I chose yellow and white color palette. I can't show pictures of the details yet, but I will post them soon.

*photo via fanpop

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday party

I got few pictures of Nico's Thomas the Tank Engine 2nd Birthday party. I made few things to decorate the cake table like the paper banner, a sign that said "choo choo Nico is two! I made some turquoise cake pops and fix some jars with colorful candies. I made some paper plates for the hot dogs and little "Yummy flag". It was a fun party, but I don't want to get all the credit for it. Her mom, good friend of mine, worked hard. She had a bouncy castle, a train to ride, pinata (by the way, it was the first time I experience a Colombian style pinata...the one you pull a string, no hitting with a stick???...anyway...) she also prepared lots of crafts and games. Did I mention she is a excellent photographer...well, she sent me pictures of the few details I helped with. Thank you Andrea!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Isabel's 1st birthday party

Today, we celebrated Isabel's first birthday. I made this fun red velvet cake balls to celebrate the big day. I personalized them with a small card with her name and a little monkey to match the theme of the party.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Party Food. Sandwiches

I am always looking for party food for kids. Easy, fun and with ingredients the kids will enjoy. What about sandwiches with a twist. Look at these Sushi Rolls . Find the recipe at Sara Lee Deli

I also found these beautiful sandwiches full of creativity ...I bet the plates will be empty! This picture got it via Funky lunch.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thomas the Tank Engine Party

I am working on a dessert table for a Thomas the tank engine theme party. ...here some of the cake-pops and banner. I will post some more details soon...


I wish I can choose the themes for my own kids, but they know what they want and there is no way you can change their minds, but any way..I have found in the blog-o-sphere! so many cool themes I would like to share with you.

The first one comes from Nounces Designs. Airplane Birthday Party. Amazing idea inspired by an airline ticket invitation.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Cake Topper

Looking for a special cake topper? You can use special toy of item. It will be special and unforgettable for your little one.

For my daughter's birthday cake I dressed up her wooden doll from her doll house (Plan Toys) that actually is her, we own the four of us. This is the girl after I dressed her for the party using pink craft and tissue paper.

Marianna's Tea Garden Party

Finally, after postponing Marianna's birthday celebration due to the winter storms, this past weekend we celebrated her 3rd birthday with her dream Tea Garden Party.

Thank you to all our friends who joined us and brought great gifts for our little princess. We had a great time. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

We had many activities and fun games like catching the butterflies, looking for Tinkerbell. For Crafts, we colored some butterflies, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan pictures. The girls received pink tutus and to receive the wings they had to swear to be a good fairy and blow some pixie dust. The boys got Peter Pan's hats, tattoos, coins and pirate treats.

And as we promised, we had Tea (raspberry) with the traditional tea sandwiches.

and...I have some pictures to share of my creations for the special day...

The cake and candy bar. I don't have to tell you how fun it was for the little ones to fill their bags with their favorite treats. Marianna said it was the best part of the party!

More pictures of the cupcakes, my daughter loved! (I posted below how I made the butterfly cupcake topper), treats and cake balls everything following the pink palette color.

The Garden inspired Table

More table decor

Placements cards

The tutus and wings made by my mom (thank you nona Rosy!)

Peter Pan hats

Some of the snacks

Chips with spicy salsa

Instead of goodie bags we gave Tinkerbell paint sets for the girls and coloring books for the boys.

The pinata. I have to say that pinatas are not easy to make! but after all the work the flower pinata looked good. It was filled with Tinkerbell candy rings, Tinkerbell and Peter Pan gummies and more goodies.

*Special Thanks to Eunice and Luis for the great pictures!