Saturday, February 18, 2012

Real Festa. Marianna's 5th Hello Kitty Birthday Party

We celebrated Marianna's 5th birthday with a fun party at Bounce U. Marianna had a blast! All her friends, mommy, daddy and brother Joseph were there. Kids jumped and bounced around colorful bounce stadiums and structures. We also had the 'cosmic bounce'. We made the room dark with special effects lighting and we added extra fun by giving some glow-in-the dark accessories (bracelets and necklaces). Pizza, cake and treats.

The party room had dark colors, yet I brighten it up by using lots of green, yellow, light pink, fuchsia and red. I combined plates, utensils, napkins and table runner in different colors and patterns. Little Hello Kitties, stickers, coloring pages, crayons, candy and lollipops. Fun fun and more fun stuff.

SNACK. Carrots with ranch with a EAT ME tag.

DESSERT TABLE. Because the short time they give at Bounce U. I had to arrange a very small table for the cake and cupcakes.

I thank my good friend, Eunice Velazco, for the beautiful cake she created especially for Marianna.

Besides, I baked and decorated simple chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with different color frosting to match the cake.

GOODIES. Little colorful plastic baskets with Hello Kitty goodies: bracelets, necklaces, stickers, cups with biscuit and cream ....finished with a little bow and a TAKE ME HOME tag.

This is me and the birthday girl!