Friday, February 12, 2010

Dinosaur Party

For his 4th birthday, my son Joseph, asked for a Dino-mite celebration. I couldn't take many pictures of the details but I was glad to see some from my friends.

We divided our backyard by stations. 1. Welcome by personalized hats with the guest dino-names 2. Dino-Tattoos 3. An excavation site, the most crowded station! (we fill our sand box with buckets, pails, shovels and molds! 4. Play-dough Time. We had a table full of play-dough and dinosaurs cookie cutters) and last one 5. Gamo-o-saurus. A game to stick some bones to the dinosaur. For the kids to take home, I arrange Excavation Kits (buckets filled with dinosaurs, pails, binoculars, and more related items.

Lunch was grilled hamburgers for the big herbivores and hotdogs for the little ones. Joseph had an amazing time. He said "mom my party was awesome!" We hit the goal!

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