Saturday, February 12, 2011

Real Festa: Mommy & Me Mexican Cooking Party

I started my new year of FESTAS with a very special one: my daughter, Marianna, 4th birthday celebration.

Every year, I have problems deciding the venue and theme for her party due to the cold weather in DC. It is hard to execute a good indoor party with space limitation. What it wasn't hard this year was choosing the theme. We all knew, it had to be a Chef party. Marianna keeps telling everyone that when she grows up, she will be a chef. She loves spending time with me in the kitchen and creating new dishes.

I came with the idea of having a Mexican Mommy & Me Cooking Party. We invited a small group of friends, well, small for a Mexican that loves big gatherings. It turned to by a wonderful event. I was very happy and pleased with everything we had. The kids and the moms had lots of fun. We cooked in the kitchen with the kids and without them, too. We had games and crafts, pinata, cupcake decoration and lots of food.

Thank you to all our friends that made Marianna's birthday unforgettable and I am happy to share pictures from this special FESTA.

I created rustic signs using black boards and chalk signs

All the inspiration for this party came from a piece of fabric my mom, Rossy, and I found in a store while she was visiting from Mexico. She hand made all the hats and aprons we gave the kids. She is very talented and had the ability to make so much with such a small piece of fabric. Thank you mom you are the best, I wish you could have been here with us!

The craft tables.

Personalized hats using colorful letter stickers.

Tables decoration.

The kitchen full of items in the same color palette.

I used yellow paper lanterns and ribbons to decorate the lamps in the kitchen.

The kitchen utensils.

The dessert table had typical Mexican candy as: mazapan, banderitas, chicles, duvalin, pelones, paletas de elote y gomitas de fruta. For a Mexican twist, the birthday cake was a Choco-Flan. I decorated the table with Mexican toys like fabric doll, yoyo, maracas, toma todo, etc.

The kids made Tamales and fixed their own Nachos. They also made Strawberry jelly to take home with them.

Chef Irene taught the moms some Mexican tips to make an authentic and good guacamole.

We decorated cupcakes.

This is me teaching the kids how to use the different types of piping tips.

We had a play corner with a toy kitchen full of kitchen toys.

While waiting for the food they created their own necklaces.

The kids had nachos & meat balls.

And for the moms delicious authentic Mexican food: Quesadillas de Huitlacoche & flor de Calabaza, tamales de puerco, pollo y rajas from Connie's Mexican Authentic Cuisine, frijoles refritos y salsa de elote con aguacate.

A piece of chocoflan


At the end each guest took a typical Mexican shopping bag with kitchen toys.


  1. Susan said, not Jeff.....I got the flower blossoms. But what is Huitlacoche? So jealous, wish we could be there! Everything looks beautiful & you got the guests to do the cooking, genius :) Happy Birthday Marianna, all our love

  2. Huitlacoche. I like to describe it as corn mushroom. Is also called corn smut or Mexican truffle!!! It is very good. This friend of mine cooks it very delicious and her tamales are the best. I wish you could try them. .

  3. Ahora sí que te graduaste, prima! Está todo de fabula! Increíble; te digo; no hay cosa que no hagas con empeño! un gran abrazo :) Itzel.