Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mini Mexican Pinatas

Finally, back to Festa! I have a little project to share with you. I was invited to be the Mystery Reader for my son's class. I chose "Book Fiesta: Celebrate Children's Day" by Pat Mora. A very colorful book that talks about one of my favorite holidays from my childhood in Mexico, Children's day. I read the book, taught the kids some spanish words and worked on a fun craft. We made mini pinatas!

I made some glue (engrudo). You can find a recipe here.

Cut crepe paper.

The most traditional pinata is the five cone star. I made a simple one with only 3 cones made with construction paper in different colors and some paper strips.

I bagged some Mexican treats to fill the pinata.

This is the final result. For pinata body I used paper cups and a made couple holes on the side to set a cord to be able to carry or hang it.


  1. Prima, esto está padrísimo! Sobre todo que compartes las tradiciones, dedito arriba! :D

  2. Gracias prima. Si me encanta compartir tradiciones mexicanas.