Saturday, March 5, 2011

Green Elephant Baby Shower

Last night some friends and I threw a baby shower and I designed this Green Elephant Baby Shower dessert table especially for Adriana and her baby David.

I used as a focus point a trunk-up baby elephant for good luck. The elephant is probably the most positive animal symbol known.

While looking for the theme and colors, I found matching fabric and napkins that inspired me to combine some shades of greens.

This table is an example of simplicity and fun. Just by adding some special items like the elephant and bringing together other matching elements you can turn a plain table to a very special one. Not much needed: a piece of fabric, napkins, couple of small vases, few flowers, neutral color plates and bowls and few sweet treats.

Corsages made of napkins.

Napkins and utensils

Some sweets

Elephant cookies made by Eunice. They were amazingly cute.

Congratulations to Adriana and thank you to all our friends that were there. It was a wonderful and fun night.


  1. I am an official fan of the cake balls! and of your creativity, you are so talented!!!!

  2. Te quedo todo super. Que talento tienes.... :)

  3. Irene gracias. Tu eres parte esencial de Festa. Has estado ahi desde el inicio. Gracias!!!

  4. Que tal Andrea...todo salio del pedazo de tela y las servilletas que compramos juntas! Gracias.

  5. Hi Claudia! I love how you bring that special touch and part of you to every event and with every single detail of decoration and food. I love how your essence ends-up forming part of every celebration and it stays there with every single memory of the day... and to top it all of.. The flavor of everything you cook is AMAIZING! So, it's not only about the looks... Thanks again to you and all my friends for that special night! and their special contributions.