Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mother's Day celebration

I celebrated Mother's Day with a small group of friends. I wanted a simple stress-free event, no cooking and washing dishes, but at the same time something chic and tasty. I came with the idea of a salad bar full of vegetables, meats and delicious dressings.

Between laughs, good food and wine you can't go wrong. Thank you ladies for sharing such a delightful night.

Mexican friends you celebrate tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day!

Salad Bar

These bands were given to the moms according to their personality and character. It was a fun activity.

For dessert we had chocolate truffle cake, cookies and apple pie.

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  1. Primaza qué bárbara, cada día más creativa; todo te quedó hermoso e imagino que delicioso, Feliz día de las madres!! :D